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A few things about me


I am Associate Professor in Phonology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of English. Prior to that, I was at the University of Leipzig, Institute of Linguistics.


My research focuses on phonology (mostly from a typological point of view) and in particular on issues relevant to syllable weight, moraic structure, geminates, stress placement and onsets. I am also interested in the morphology-phonology and the phonetics-phonology interfaces, poetic metre, Greek and its dialects (esp. glides, vowel deletion, rhythm).


My book Onsets (Cambridge University Press) has been published in April 2010 as hardback and in April 2014 as paperback. The book has received very positive reviews by Brett Hyde for Phonology (2011), by Jeroen van de Weijer for Lingua (2011) and by Tracy Alan Hall for Language (2012).

I'm currently writing up an introductory textbook in Typology (in Greek).


Recent and current collaborative work involves:

  • (i) work on the Typology of Underlying Geminates (with E. Zimmermann, U. Leipzig)

  • (ii) work on Schneider's Law in Inuktitut and elsewhere (with K. Markoulaki, AUTh)

  • (iii) work on the syllabification of obstruent-nasal clusters in Greek (with D. Gratsouni, AUTh)

  • (iv) work on artificial grammars and vowel harmony (with J. White, UCL and many other collaborators in Paris, Utrecht, Düsseldorf, etc.)

  • (v) a project on rhyme in Modern Greek poetry and the creation of a preliminary database found at http://greek-rhyme.web.auth.gr/




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